Knock Knock

Jasper smirked as he read Ross’ last text and he made his way around the corner or the sidewalk along their neighborhood. He had to admit he was a bit nervous. He wasn’t sure what Ross had planned, if he saw this as a sexual thing or just something cute like a tickle fight or something childish like pantsing him to make him blush. Ross was hard to read. But if it was sexual, Jasper wasn’t so sure he would know how to handle the situation. He had been with plenty of girls but…guys.. not so much.

Jasper wasn’t gay or bisexual or really classified himself as anything for that matter. He liked to live by his motto: “I do what I want,” or, in this case who I want. It didn’t matter to him. Growing up with Wesley and Mason being friends from a very young age, Jasper used to tease Mason a lot for his sexuality. He never really meant it, in fact he was kind of proud of Mason for being so open at such a young age. He just liked to mess with them to be a trouble maker and seeing Wesley get angry and defensive of his friend made Jasper smile. Maybe it was seeing him take care of someone else instead of his younger brother for once that made Jas feel… refreshed. It wasn’t until recently that he laid off the jokes.

It started when he got back from the outreach program, now training to be a hunter, he heard a few things about a new hunter in training as well going through initiation. It wasn’t until a few weeks later he heard it was Mason. Curiosity overwhelmed him and he followed Mason around a bit at school only to see how brutally bullied Mason was. Ever since, he cut Mason some slack. He never had anything against sexuality anyway.

As for his own sexuality, he found lots of people attractive, all sorts of people, but he had only ever kissed a few guys, nothing more than that. That was why, as he made his way up the front steps of Ross’ home, he lost his cool for a bit. What was he doing? What if Ross took it too far? What if he wanted to… No. If it went that far or if it got serious, Jasper would just tell him the truth. And besides, if it went that way, it was only sex.

He relaxed a bit, knowing what he was up against as he called it “just sex”. He lifted his fist to the door and knocked rhythmically.

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